Wed. Oct 28th, 2020

Now – Let’s switch to Bubbles?!


Bubbles are quite interesting. The key thing to recognise about a bubble is that you don’t always realise you are in one as you can see through them. You might easily relate to being in an enforced bubble’ (perhaps a ‘covid-19 bubble’); however, you rarely recognise you are in a bigger bubble (perhaps a bubble of auto-pilot existence).

Pop it for positivity!

Positivity induces power by unifying the bigger picture; but this can’t be done when you are within the force-field of a bubble – hence, POSITIVITY EXISTS OUTSIDE A BUBBLE, and that’s why you need to pop it for positivity!

Negativity is a bit like being in a negative bubble – all you experience is negativity and it prevents you from tuning in to true positivity. To compensate for this many people create their own ‘false positivity’ as a way of dealing with ‘what they don’t know how to change’. For example; a group of people will discuss and seek out humour from a miserable situation, or an event or set of circumstances. This may also be done when you are positive  – so, false positivity is not the easiest topic to recognise or discuss – but let us have a go because it is important – you are important!

Negative bubble

When you are trapped in a negative bubble; and some people know they are trapped (their spirit knows it). Your physical being doesn’t know what to do about it, and your ego (your subconscious) glorifies the opportunity, by engaging you in discussion about how bad everything is.

Fake positivity:

You may not enjoy reading this paragraph, I didn’t enjoy writing it, for similar reasons –

Many people create false positivity to hide their inability to escape from their negative bubble. Such action often becomes addictive (eg: social drinking and eating) and creates cycles of hidden agenda that create the happy hormone dopamine. The paradox is, it is often mixed in with genuine dopamine happy action (social chat and laughter); which could have been accessed without the negative alcohol and sugar and carbs – but this is what negative forces do to us – they hide us from the truth and take away the courage to function without our hidden agenda (the agenda is hidden because you may not recognise it).

Negativity testing:

You can easily test yourself to see if you are in a negative bubble or projecting false positivity: – If you are someone that blames everything else and everyone else; or is waiting for somebody else to make things better; if you are waiting for the government or your parents or your boss or your partner or anybody else to make things better for you; or you are continually delaying any positive action yourself – then you are trapped by negative forces and are in a negative bubble.

Are you creating and learning and growing?


Or are you simply existing from day to day?

Happiness requires the dopamine producing hormone – surprisingly this can be produced from a positive or a negative source – and that is a problem for people trapped in a negative bubble – they don’t see their hidden ‘addictive’ behaviour (eg: eating lots of sugar or drinking lots of alcohol or taking drugs, or watching explicit video’s, or impulsive shopping or gambling – basically those things that are addictive); because all of this arouses hormones that trigger dopamine and this makes us happy. This happiness may not last long and depending on the ‘negative source’ it may need more or less next time to produce the same results.

A further check on your negativity:

If you have ever been involved in a discussion that focuses on problems or negative issues, then this is actually a discussion between your negative ego and the negative ego of someone else. It is a discussion between the negative ego’s of people using their un-safe subconscious thoughts. It is not a conversation between positive people who take responsibility for their own life by ‘accepting and being in the now’  using their conscious being.

Covid-19 is a recent arrival that is utilising negative forces to further hinder many individuals, families, communities and even the country – and this is creating more bubbles and barriers.


It is also creating a further divide between people who feel negative – for example:

Insecure; unguarded; disadvantaged; powerless; weak; endangered; confused and less able to accept and take responsibility for their own state of mind.


And between people who feel positive – for example those who feel:

Intact; secure; shielded; strong; cared for; unharmed; immune; invulnerable and powerful.

You may be interested to know that these negative forces; this divide, and their repetitive patterns can be overcome – and for many this may be achieved quickly and easily.

Furthermore, if you learn how to pop your bubble you can tune in to the power of positivity.

Negative Bubbles

If you would like to find out more then please read on . . .

unified being

Negative forces should be accessed, accepted and re-tuned. One of the most effective ways to do this uses a UNIQUE approach known as ‘Vibrational Frequency Programming’ (VFP). This positive re-tuning process involves being aware of your ego. It also involves accessing your deeper unconscious thoughts; accepting and surrendering them to the new stronger you; the present you that can better deal with facing them and releasing them. You are then best placed to change your negative habits; negative emotions and negative thoughts into positive one’s. It is like a re-awakening – with the emphasis on positivity of the now rather than the negativity of the past.

Many people do not perceive that they need to re-awake and re-tune.

In order to awaken to the power of positivity you need to have awareness and perspective of your current state of being – and most people are reluctant to investigate this further – are you one of them – or have you discovered the courage within you to live as the new, true Super you?

Understanding your state of being is the starting point for a better life:

Most people do not know what it means to have an awareness and perspective of their current ‘state of being’. Most people do not know what it means or feels like to have ‘emotional intelligence’, nor can they relate to the phrase ‘levels of consciousness’. These are not words or phrases we use in every day life, however, they are perhaps the most important aspects of our life, and it would be to your advantage to learn how these words and phrases impact on your life – we would like to support you with this – and we hope that you are interested enough to find out more.

Be Super will be relating to these words and phrases and using other phrases such as ‘vibrational frequency programming’. We will explain all about them and you will realise how they make many aspects of life come together and make many things easier to understand. It is a new way of perceiving life – and it involves seeking truth and honesty for a clearer perspective of reality.

Your perception of reality:

Most people behave and have emotions that they perceive best tune them in to their own ‘perception of reality’. As my 15 year old daughter informed me the other day –

“It’s strange how we view our life as a play where everyone is extras to your story, but to them they are the main character and we are side characters. We never really look at our life as being a side character to someone else’s play”. 

If you can relate to this – then perhaps you can pursue this thought process a little further.

Will you play a mind game with me?

I would like you to play a short mind game and imagine – ‘what kind of play is your life’?

Is it a musical / dance; crime / gangster; horror; action / adventure; a drama; a romantic comedy; a thriller; a love story or a fantasy?

Furthermore, ‘what role do you play’?

Are you a producer; director; makeup artist; stuntman; the leading actor; hero; supporting role; background actor; villain; narrator; scenic artist; music and sound producer; costume and set designer; celebrity guest or are you simply an ‘extra’?

It gets even more interesting when you think of your part in someone else’s play or life.

My Role

Perhaps the next thought process might be – what part would you REALLY like to play and why?

And than some deeper questions:

Would your play be of genuine interest to anyone else – especially those you care about and love?

Is it of interest to you – is it the play you want it to be, or are you still planning it, or have you not given it any thought- have you given your life any deep thought?

Do you have any purpose in life?

Are you waiting for a better play and a better role?

If so – have you accepted or recognised that ONLY YOU can make it happen; because you are most likely not the main consideration in someone else’s play – and if you are – then DO YOU APPRECIATE IT AND ARE REACTING IN AN INTELLIGENT WAY?

Most people live an “auto-pilot” life where they do the same things at the same times – a little bit like a long running TV series – the one in which other people tune in when they want, and never pay too much attention when they do.

Review your play / life:

Do you do similar things at similar times throughout the day; do you talk about the same things with the same people and even have “time outs” in much the same way every day or week? Do you have the same thoughts most of the time?

Life is about learning and experiencing new and different challenges, and about focusing on the now rather than overthinking the past.

If you want to live a true and positive, happy life then you have to BE ALIVE AND BE SUPER – this will produce the right positive hormones:

happy hormones

The positive hormones need to be stimulated correctly; if they are then you will be positive  – if they aren’t then you won’t – however, it’s not quite that simple. You also have to create safety and trust and have a non-challenging supporting environment. You have to socialise with positive, caring people; you have to experience emotional arousal and you have to fulfill or discharge the expectation of your emotionally arousing views by being in the now, or through REM sleep the same or following day.

Be Super will help you to create this environment and stimulate and re-tune your postive hormone frequencies.

We have developed courses so you can ‘un-learn bad negative habits’ and ‘re-learn good positive habits.’

Retuning is essential – for everyone:

Quote from Albert Einstein.

No problem can be solved with the same level of consciousness that created it.

Even Albert Einstein acknowledged that if you want to change from negative to positive you can’t do it with the same mental approach – you somehow need to have a more positive psyche –

But how do you change your thoughts and beliefs if you have to use your thoughts and beliefs to change them – this must be impossible – and for most people it is!


Be Super do not approach this problem in the same way as 99% of people – we do it in a way that is known by only 1% of people. This approach is only taken up by 15% of people and of these only 5% achieve any positive change – we do things with honesty and truth – it is different:

Top 1%

In order to tune in to the insights we are about to present to you, then you need to be away from your place of work; away from your TV and away from any social media or mobile communication distractions –

So as you can imagine, right away 80% of people will not be able to do this – we hope you are not one of them, and the fact you are still reading this suggests you aren’t.

Preferably you need to be in a quiet and undisturbed place and have at least 15 minutes to ‘relax and stop thinking’. You need to shut off your thoughts so you are not disturbed by your own chatty mind – and this will prevent more people from progressing further ARE YOU STILL HERE – IF SO – JOIN US.


We are going to relate aspects of life to vibrational frequencies  – and it is important you tune in to thinking with this perspective – otherwise you will not benefit from all that we provide.

Listening to the following short audio feed should be helpful in explaining why the truth is important for you . . .

We will provide more insight on this throughout our posts and courses.


Negative forces can spiral downward and become worse or spiral upward and become less of a problem.

Be Super provide guidance and support and an opportunity for you to interact with positive people. We use affirmations and visualizations as well as personal communication to help you tune in to more positive vibrational frequencies.

We support you on an upward spiral that will free you from negative forces and allow the power of positivity to unify your beings.

When you start to spiral upward your emotional intelligence will improve allowing you to better understand yourself and others.

Your level of consciousness will rise and you will start to live more in the now as the true you, rather than with thoughts of the past or future as the egotistical you.

Be Super focus on vibrating energy frequencies.

Once you understand and relate to life / energy as vibrating frequencies then most things in your life will make sense and you will have mastery of what happens in your life and mastery of your emotions. You will not be as affected by outside influences.

Imagine the benefits this will bring to your life:

  • Control over your mental being:
  • Control over your physical being:
  • Control over your emotional being:
  • Unification of these beings with your spiritual being:

Where do you start?

Let’s put a smile back on peoples’ faces and spread some love, peace and joy . . .

Re awaken to positive power
Re awaken to the power of positivity . . .

Re-awaken to the power of positivity – “Be Super” – because you’re worth it!

You can become more positive; you can overcome feelings of doubt and negativity and anxiety. You are an amazing and unique being – A SUPER BEING – you just need to re-awaken to the truth and become the real you – and that’s where we come in – we have set up Be Super to provide support for you.

Register as a FREE VFP Member from this page today and start tuning in to our support and guidance.

Be Super have insights to support you on this positive pathway and we have super courses to better guide you one step at a time – you will love how these courses will support what you desire.

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