Thu. Nov 26th, 2020

VFP#0 – Lesson 3

Our 3rd lesson will clarify your Spiritual Being Realisation – it will provide you with some perspective:

#1Perspective – in regard to people understanding what is being explained:

The following circle represents YOU as your TRUE SPIRITUAL BEING – it also represents everyone else.

The colours are not significant (they are simply used for colour):

Spiritual Being Realisation

85% of the circle is blue and this represents the proportion of you (and everyone else) that is NOT being realised as your true SPIRITUAL BEING. 85% of most people do not tune in to their SPIRITUAL BEING because of the ‘forces of individual negativity’. Most of these negative forces have evolved to be part of your autonomic response – meaning that only 15% of who you are; how and why you behave; what purpose you have (or don’t have) can be influenced by your feelings and thoughts. Without the awareness of how to positively influence / change your autonomic system there is very little that can be done to improve your situation. Furthermore, most people spend almost all their time with similar people (often people they love or care about) – so the opportunity to change is almost non-existent.

Don’t worry – that is why we have created a solution for you – but let’s explore further first:

Spiritual Being Realisation

10% of the circle is brown and this represents the proportion of you (and everyone else) that is nearing realisation as your true SPIRITUAL BEING. This proportion of you has a ‘power of will’ that is used for creativity – it is the true you expressing yourself as an individual by maximising all your unique capabilities. This is a very challenging period because it brings the greatest conflict – you are leaving behind the 85%, and this may feel like it is wrong. This is the hidden truth that mankind is afraid to confront. You have changed from a negative being to a positive being.

You were created to be unique (which means to be unbalanced differently than any other physical being) – please recognise this and accept it as a gift rather than a burden to overcome!

Spiritual Being Realisation

“We should welcome, embrace and inspire difference (even conflict) in pursuit of improved social co-operative endeavour”.

Marcus Pearson

4% of the circle is grey and this represents the proportion of you (and everyone else) that has tuned in and has realisation as your true SPIRITUAL BEING. This proportion of you will see life as cycles of balance  – it is the true you expressing yourself as an individual by further tuning in to more and more ‘unified cycles of balance’. This is a very purposeful period because it brings the greatest awareness of what you have previously not experienced – you are leaving behind 95% and tuning into other SPIRITUAL BEINGS. Your thoughts and emotions will explode with love for all life and you will recognise the importance of maximising physical perfection, functionality and individuality for the benefit of all. This is a period where most people will struggle to understand or tune into you – you will strive for contact with more SPIRITUAL BEINGS. You will attract what you seek like a magnet because your power of will is so strong.

Spiritual Being Realisation

1% of the circle is gold and this represents the proportion of you (and everyone else) that has tuned in and has realisation as your true SPIRITUAL BEINGYou will be in contact with other SPIRITUAL BEINGS and will be engaged in activities of mutual endeavour. You will now be the true you and all that you encounter will turn into gold – or so it will seem. Gold is the ultimate connection medium.

Each portion of your SPIRITUAL BEING is part of a natural cycle and the more natural cycles you have in place the more you will tune in to yourself and the UNIFIED FIELD of all the SPIRITUAL BEINGS.

#2Perspective – in regard to levels of consciousness (the 85% of people):

The final part of this lesson seeks to do things:

  1. Introduce you to the incredible work of Professor David Hawkins.

His book ‘Power vs. Force’ is a must read and explains how he has scientifically proven how to use muscle kinesiology to tell the truth. He also used this to calibrate what he termed ‘levels of consciousness’. Feel free to find out as much as you can before the next lesson on levels of consciousness. The purpose of the next lesson is to relate his work to what we are more specifically interested in – your SPIRITUAL BEING REALISATION.


lightbulb moment

Sometimes you don’t know something is there –  until a light comes on, and then – WOW . . .

What you are about to read is one of those lightbulb moments, however,



Here we go . . .

The subject of this illumination is how mankind has evolved to learn – think of learning as a part of realising your spiritual being.

Mankind initially evolved to learn from what is scientifically known as a ‘single, natural, gene based, orientation response system’ –

which means we evolved to learn through instinct rather than thinking

We further evolved to ALSO learn from an emotional, nerve based, egocentric, intellectual response system – which means we also learn from our emotions and thoughts.


The change to a dual response learning system started about 2 million years ago, and has become an integral part of what makes us human beings.

The intellectual response system fulfils the human need by creating an emotional expectation from which to learn from – this is what makes us human and makes us unique and unbalanced (unbalanced because we all experience a unique expected fulfilment for our emotions).

Unfortunately, the more humans have sought  out these alternative emotive solutions; that differ from their ‘natural balanced cycles of security’, and move away from their natural cycle / desire for co-operative nurturing, caring, supportive and non confrontation – the more they have felt internal guilt. This pursuit is managed by our ego, which is inherently loving, but has been labelled by our inner feelings and many ‘guru’s, as evil – but it isn’t – we need to embrace it and learn from it and from the ego of others.

The time has come for you to stop feeling guilty for your own desire to feel and think differently from others – and to stop blaming others for having an ego and being imperfect. You can no longer use others as an excuse for you not confronting the truth and dealing with it positively. Remember – the truth is not what you think  – so don’t be worried.

The time has come to stop the misunderstanding and perception that you and others are doing anything wrong. We are not going to get punished and we need to stop behaving in a way that suggests there are problems that need solutions.

Almost the entire human race has, is and continues to bring up future generations and without changing our approach to SPIRITUAL BEING REALISATION.

Conventional and new beliefs would lead us to perceive that negative thoughts primarily activate the sympathetic nervous system; create and validate unworthiness, dependency, hopelessness, sickness, low self-esteem, low self-confidence, depression, low energy, no drive, purposelessness, aggression, hatred, and jealousy etc.

However a new perspective, from Australian Biologist, James Griffiths, suggests the ego is simply trying to pursue a more intellectual and emotional pathway for learning, rather than the purely natural and genetic based learning pathway that relies on our orientation response.

The pathway of the ego will often be opposing to the orientation response and it is this alternative option that creates doubt and the perception of negativity. It is a false perception. There is nothing wrong with alternative pathways, especially when the individuals or multiple beings are doing their best to find an alternative. The guilt that we put on this has labelled the ‘ego’ as negative, when it is in fact pursuing a noble and caring alternative.

The solution is to change the cycle of negative behaviour that confronts you. You do this by accepting it, embracing it and having the courage to change what you do  – to be more positive (to let things be and live more in the now rather than in your mind). Watch as much of Eckhart Tolle on Youtube as you can.

By replacing those negative cycles of behaviour with positive ones you can activate the parasympathetic nervous system. This makes you feel more worthy, alive, creative and energized – you can generate real mind power! By FOCUSING ON BEING POSITIVE rather than thinking of how to overcome a perceived negative challenge you will be better tuned in to the true SPIRITUAL YOU.

WOW – that ended up being deeper than I had planned – however, sometimes ILLUMINATING is deep!

There is no survey after this lesson – have a rest and possibly take a few days off to think about the lessons so far – you will tune in much easier to lesson 4 – it is not as deep – this then leads us in further into lesson 5 where you can start to have some fun with what you are learning . . .

Each VFP course / experience seeks to support a specific cycle of growth – the more you tune in the more they will make sense – the starting point is VFP#0 Clear to Create – congratulations on getting this far – now keep focused – I am here to support you, and you will come across many more SPIRITUAL BEINGS who are also supportive

Click here for lesson 4 . . . How to tell the truth and levels of consciousness.

This information is best viewed after you have completed part 1 of the 1st Free Lesson of VFP#0 Clear to Create.

We are going to start this illumination with a short video from Australian Biologist Jeremy Griffith, who with others has launched what they call The World Transformation Movement. Be Super are not connected to this organisation, however, we believe that this short video clip is a good intro to what we are about to share with you:

In the book that underpins the illumination for this video clip, Mr Griffith answers the BIG QUESTION as regards "what is the meaning of life?" - his response is -

"While the conventional view in science is that there is no direction or purpose or meaning to existence, and that change is random, there is, in fact, a very obvious theme, direction, purpose and meaning to existence, which is the ordering or integration or complexification of matter into ever larger and more stable wholes. Indeed, the answer to the great question of ‘what is the meaning of life’ is that it is to live in accordance with this integrative, order-of-matter-developing, co operation and- selfless-behaviour-dependent theme or meaning of existence."

(page 143, Chapter 4:1 Summary - Freedom - The End Of The Human Condition)

His wording "ordering or integration or complexification of matter into ever larger and more stable wholes" - supports what Be Super know to be the truth and have been clear to illuminate that in respect of:

"YOU (a SPIRITUAL BEING) are created with natural cycles of balanced movement that exist within a Unified Field with other SPIRITUAL BEINGS".

Marcus Pearson

You already have all that you need for the life ahead of you - this may seem bad news for most people, but don't be concerned.

Regardless of what you do; or think; or feel your life will move on. You are a SPIRITUAL BEING and your existence will never end; however, you are currently living a physical life within the body you have right now. Your physical being is supported by two other beings or energy fields – a mental energy field and an emotional energy field. These were created by you (the SPIRITUAL YOU) to make you unique.

You are not alone; not now as you read this and not at any time in the future - you will always have love. You were created as a duplicate of God - as a SPIRITUAL BEING. 

As you go through life you may reach a time when you seek some purpose in life, or seek to overcome what is holding you back. What I am about to ask you is very important . . .

If you lack any purpose in life or are trying to overcome mental and emotional challenges -

Do you you accept that this "need to overcome is normal" and is felt by almost all mankind at some point in their life. Yes or No?

If you said No then you are not yet ready to start VFP#0 Clear to Create - we urge you to contact Marcus Pearson personally and he will offer you a more suitable alternative - 07931 3261 64

If you said Yes then (you are ready to start VFP#0 Clear to Create:

  • You must have natural cycles of balance in your life. These should be positive in maximising you as a physical being.
  • You should maximise the functioning and capabilities of your physical body/mind.
  • You should maximise your individual creativity and find purpose in all that you do.
  • You should be your best and give yourself for the benefit of all.

When you do this you will find love will be constant in your life.

You cant tune into Love when you have negative forces influencing you - 'love is felt through tuning in to the truth'.

Love is not true when someone is holding you back and not caring for you as best they can.

You cannot hold other people responsible for their imperfections in respect of your relationship. You need to break negative cycles with people - this does not mean you have to stop being with them, or loving or caring for them; but it does mean you must take responsibility yourself for following more positive natural cycles. If you are not capable of allowing love to come out of yourself for your TRUE SPIRITUAL BEING then your imperfect physical being will dominate your life. You must learn to let love come out by turning negative thoughts and emotions into opportunities to help yourself and others.

You must stop feeling sorry for yourself and you must stop using others as an excuse.

You are not an 'imprisoned physical being' - you may feel like one, and may be treated like one - but you have the opportunity to change this.

The courses from Be Super Ltd and in particular VFP#0 Clear to Create has been created to support you.

If you are someone that already feels full of positivity and is seeking to find true purpose in life - then I have been there and VFP has been set up to take you to ever higher cycles  - to enlightenment and beyond.

Be Super Ltd seeks to support as many people people as professionally as possible and that is why we charge money for what we provide. However, we are prepared to deliver what we provide FREE OF CHARGE to those who cannot afford it (within our limits) - so if finance is preventing you from going any further with us - you don't have to pay anything - just make contact with me  - I will support you.

Marcus Pearson

You (the SPIRITUAL BEING) partially fulfil your purpose in life by communicating 'physical imbalance' back to God. You fulfil your purpose in life when this imbalance maximises your individual creativity to interact with other SPIRITUAL BEINGS for the benefit of all!

We urge you to share VFP#0 Clear to Create and our website with as many people as possible.

Thank you.

Marcus Pearson