Thu. Nov 26th, 2020

Lesson 1 – Part 2 (Revelation)

Welcome and congratulations on choosing this positive pathway – what we offer is only available to those who Register as a FREE VFP Member and subscribe to our Newsletter – you have done this – so it time for you to tune into the benefits:

First of all I offer myself as your guide – as time goes on you will hopefully appreciate it more than you do at the start (because at the start you may not know me) . . .

So first, as promised let me reveal the hidden truth – with a hidden pop up ( seek and ye shall find )

Thank you for reading that – welcome back . . .

VFP#0 Clear to Create will empower you to ‘know yourself’ with an approach approach that focuses on your ‘autonomic’ energy fields. By illuminating to you cycles of awareness you will develop trust and safety and creativity for the benefit of all, You will maximise and cherish your physical body (as this is what you have to use to experience life). You will maximise your emotional and mental awareness, whilst following natural cycles of balance for the benefit of others.

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BE SUPER are so named because we provide much more support than you can imagine; and we are want to co-exist with you and everyone else in more ways than you may imagine:

I hope you have had a positive experience from this FREE LESSON and I hope we have tuned in a little more.

I hope you have had a positive experience from this FREE LESSON and I hope we have tuned in a little more.

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This information is best viewed after you have completed part 1 of the 1st Free Lesson of VFP#0 Clear to Create.

We are going to start this illumination with a short video from Australian Biologist Jeremy Griffith, who with others has launched what they call The World Transformation Movement. Be Super are not connected to this organisation, however, we believe that this short video clip is a good intro to what we are about to share with you:

In the book that underpins the illumination for this video clip, Mr Griffith answers the BIG QUESTION as regards "what is the meaning of life?" - his response is -

"While the conventional view in science is that there is no direction or purpose or meaning to existence, and that change is random, there is, in fact, a very obvious theme, direction, purpose and meaning to existence, which is the ordering or integration or complexification of matter into ever larger and more stable wholes. Indeed, the answer to the great question of ‘what is the meaning of life’ is that it is to live in accordance with this integrative, order-of-matter-developing, co operation and- selfless-behaviour-dependent theme or meaning of existence."

(page 143, Chapter 4:1 Summary - Freedom - The End Of The Human Condition)

His wording "ordering or integration or complexification of matter into ever larger and more stable wholes" - supports what Be Super know to be the truth and have been clear to illuminate that in respect of:

"YOU (a SPIRITUAL BEING) are created with natural cycles of balanced movement that exist within a Unified Field with other SPIRITUAL BEINGS".

Marcus Pearson

You already have all that you need for the life ahead of you - this may seem bad news for most people, but don't be concerned.

Regardless of what you do; or think; or feel your life will move on. You are a SPIRITUAL BEING and your existence will never end; however, you are currently living a physical life within the body you have right now. Your physical being is supported by two other beings or energy fields – a mental energy field and an emotional energy field. These were created by you (the SPIRITUAL YOU) to make you unique.

You are not alone; not now as you read this and not at any time in the future - you will always have love. You were created as a duplicate of God - as a SPIRITUAL BEING. 

As you go through life you may reach a time when you seek some purpose in life, or seek to overcome what is holding you back. What I am about to ask you is very important . . .

If you lack any purpose in life or are trying to overcome mental and emotional challenges -

Do you you accept that this "need to overcome is normal" and is felt by almost all mankind at some point in their life. Yes or No?

If you said No then you are not yet ready to start VFP#0 Clear to Create - we urge you to contact Marcus Pearson personally and he will offer you a more suitable alternative - 07931 3261 64

If you said Yes then (you are ready to start VFP#0 Clear to Create:

  • You must have natural cycles of balance in your life. These should be positive in maximising you as a physical being.
  • You should maximise the functioning and capabilities of your physical body/mind.
  • You should maximise your individual creativity and find purpose in all that you do.
  • You should be your best and give yourself for the benefit of all.

When you do this you will find love will be constant in your life.

You cant tune into Love when you have negative forces influencing you - 'love is felt through tuning in to the truth'.

Love is not true when someone is holding you back and not caring for you as best they can.

You cannot hold other people responsible for their imperfections in respect of your relationship. You need to break negative cycles with people - this does not mean you have to stop being with them, or loving or caring for them; but it does mean you must take responsibility yourself for following more positive natural cycles. If you are not capable of allowing love to come out of yourself for your TRUE SPIRITUAL BEING then your imperfect physical being will dominate your life. You must learn to let love come out by turning negative thoughts and emotions into opportunities to help yourself and others.

You must stop feeling sorry for yourself and you must stop using others as an excuse.

You are not an 'imprisoned physical being' - you may feel like one, and may be treated like one - but you have the opportunity to change this.

The courses from Be Super Ltd and in particular VFP#0 Clear to Create has been created to support you.

If you are someone that already feels full of positivity and is seeking to find true purpose in life - then I have been there and VFP has been set up to take you to ever higher cycles  - to enlightenment and beyond.

Be Super Ltd seeks to support as many people people as professionally as possible and that is why we charge money for what we provide. However, we are prepared to deliver what we provide FREE OF CHARGE to those who cannot afford it (within our limits) - so if finance is preventing you from going any further with us - you don't have to pay anything - just make contact with me  - I will support you.

Marcus Pearson

You (the SPIRITUAL BEING) partially fulfil your purpose in life by communicating 'physical imbalance' back to God. You fulfil your purpose in life when this imbalance maximises your individual creativity to interact with other SPIRITUAL BEINGS for the benefit of all!

We urge you to share VFP#0 Clear to Create and our website with as many people as possible.

Thank you.

Marcus Pearson

What should you do, with this revelation:

My 'smart' or truthful answer is  - when you take the VFP re-tuning you will not have to ask this question, because the courses, dialogue and experiences provide you with re-tuning that answers all your questions - with your own unique answers.

For I offer no answer for you other than - 'know thyself' . . .

To succeed in this however, needs a guide - and that is what I offer you.

I offer you a focus on being / experiencing - "getting to better know and be" your Spiritual Being.

    • ACTION SPEAK LOUDER THAN ANY WORDS - and the only way to tune in at the higher levels (or at any level) is to be at the level - not to talk about it.

I will guide you to focus on 'establishing natural patterns / cycles of being'. This is the pathway to SPIRITUAL TUNING. Allow me to repeat this - 

My strategy for achieving these 'natural patterns / cycles of being' is to re-tune your mental and emotional energy fields or beings, so they do the 'right things' on an automatic basis (using your autonomic nervous system), rather than a cognitive basis (having to think and feel if what you are doing is working).

This will start with you gaining purpose in life and taking  - VFP#0 Clear to Create.

This re-tuning experience will illuminate for you the importance of focusing your mental and emotional energy into 'cycles or patterns' of regular positive behaviour - the source of which is Love. This means your physical body will automatically start responding to what you think and feel by producing more positive and socially co-operative neurotransmitters and hormones. You will learn to think less about what you are doing and think more about how you can create easy ways for more people to adopt patterns of behaviour that support the way you help others overcome. You will learn new patterns for achieving more by doing less to try and achieve it!?!

You will then progress to - VFP#1 LiCrON Regenerate and continue through each progressive VFP course - each one created to support you through new cycles of vibrational re-tuning.

For you and me:

In terms of a collaboration for you and me; I have recently qualified as a therapist for the SSP (Safe and Sound Protocol). I will be combining this with my own VFP - to offer VFP/SSP (the 1st lesson of the VFP#0 Clear To Create is part of this). So you can see I am doing what you read.

Our Collaboration:

I strongly believe that my VFP/SSP courses, dialogue, analogies and experience will lead to your personal self-enlightenment - and nothing could be greater for you (as it has been for me).

I am prepared to provide YOU with a FREE 5 hour SSP experience when you sign up for the VFP#0 Clear to Create course - once you register for the course I will offer you a 5 hour SSP session for no extra charge - In return I ask you to help more people by sharing your experience and this opportunity with others.

Thank you.

Welcome to the real world . . .

VFP/SSP is a non invasive approach that ‘taps into’ the autonomic nervous system to achieve beneficial results. It seeks to do this with a non-cognitive approach.

However, some people,  like to 'off-load' or talk about (resolve) previous negative chapters in their life - this is a way for them to release the trapped energy.

On a more scientific basis, VFP/SSP retuning would be better taken before any 'resolution / freedom therapy' because a feeling of safety and trust has to be established before resolution can take place.

Be Super support the need for resolution, however, this is one aspect that we pass on to a specialist resolution therapist. Be Super Ltd are proud to provide such a service via one of the UK'S leading training and therapy providers - Live4Energy:

Tap into the autonomic system and use cognitive therapy:

Marcus Pearson, the founder of Be Super Ltd. totally supports the approach from Live4Energy - as both a resolution provider and as an alternative to its own VFP/SSP retuning. It us delivered by Rachel Earing the Founder and Trainer of Live4Energy Training College, Accredited by the CMA (Complimentary Medical Association). She works with families, individuals and businesses to help combat the mental health crisis in the UK. She is also the sister of Marcus Pearson (the founder of Be Super Ltd).

She will help you understand how the past helps to shape you into who you are now, and how it is so important to helping transform your present and your future.

From a non-cognitive basis, it involves using some or all of the modalities that Rachel is highly trained and experienced in delivering.

Modalities such as Tap Around The Clock, used in Tap Around The Clock – Tapping Into Self Mastery, created by Rachel - tap directly into the multiple energy fields of the body. This approach is very similar to VFP/SSP, as it uses positive affirmations to create more positive cycles/patterns of being. The key difference between the two modalities, is that Rachel uses Tapping over a period of time to develop a feeling of trust and safety (over a few weeks or months ) and Marcus uses the SSP Protocol to influence the autonomic system within 5 days.

SSP provides a solution that provides the necessary trust and safety required to then resolve (because it taps into the background/autonomic senses) - the following testimonial highlights this:

Rachel / Live4 Energy provide resolution / discussion / self realisation of the problems and solutions required (this may be an inner dialogue rather than a direct one with Rachel).

The difference between the 2 approaches, is that Rachel /Live4 Energy supports 'physical tapping' with a more cognitive approach, whereas Marcus / Be Super Ltd provide additional dialogue, analogies and experiences that continue to 'tap into' the autonomic system through cycles of changed behaviour, eating, sleep, exercise and social engagement. With Be Super Ltd you do less talking about your past problems to resolve and more retuning of the new true you  - to be the new true you!

Live4Energy Testimonials . . .

The different approaches are totally interchangeable and may be run alongside one another if you so desired. Everyone is unique and we are both delighted to provide such an overlapping and yet different solution focused provision.

The cognitive approach from Rachel / Live4Energy includes modalities such as:

Advanced EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) MBIR (Mindfulness Based Inner Repatterning), & Reiki, all at Master levels are used & often combined together to obtain optimum results for her clients.

Rachel’s depth of understanding of human nature and how to tap into individuals energy fields, helps transform clients life traumas into peace, joy and unconditional love with incredible speed.  It is compellingly beautiful and has to be experienced to be fully understood.

Rachel embodies her work into her daily life and consciously chooses which sensations to communicate with and enhance each day.  This happens through her constant connections with nature, friends. family and her supply of hot pungent tea throughout the day.

Why not join her in her free Facebook Community to see how it will work in your life.