Sat. Oct 31st, 2020
Be Super

Hello, this is our first post from our new website.

The infographic (designed by Marcus Pearson) below is very powerful –

please save / download / copy  / print and study it:

Spiritual Beings

“We are spiritual beings experiencing life through a cyclical range of vibrating energy frequencies that manifest in a 3-dimensional physical reality. This is represented by the infographic of a 4-sided pyramid of spiralling inner and outer fields of energy”. (Marcus Pearson – Be Super Ltd)

Everything from hereon from Be Super Ltd will support individuals and mankind to find ways to re-tune to the unified field; so enabling people rediscover their true spiritual being.

We intend to use images to communicate what we mean – so please study our Be Super Logo above as it provides a great introduction to what we do.

Facebook and YouTube will be used by us to reach out to people – and then link everything back to this website and our up and coming SUPER App – our ‘heart’.