Sat. Oct 31st, 2020

What is most important fitness or health?

The infographic (designed by Marcus Pearson) below is very powerful –

please save / download / copy  / print and study it:

Spiritual Beings

“We are spiritual beings experiencing life through a cyclical range of vibrating energy frequencies that manifest in a 3-dimensional physical reality. This is represented by the infographic of a 4-sided pyramid of spiralling inner and outer fields of energy”. (Marcus Pearson – Be Super Ltd)

Everything from hereon from Be Super Ltd will support individuals and mankind to find ways to re-tune to the unified field; so enabling people rediscover their true spiritual being.

So  . . .  moving on to fitness and health:


Health and fitness are often confused for the same thing.

As we become wiser we know that you may be super fit and yet be super unhealthy – unhealthy in body and unhealthy in mind.

However, it is almost impossible to be super healthy and not to be super fit – read on . . .

Super fitness and super health share the same ‘vibrational frequencies’!?

One ‘resonates’ ‘harmony’ to the other – and when they reach your natural amplitude then not only do you unite your physical and mental beings (your conscious and sub-conscious beings) – you also induce your superconscious being to attract what you desire.

WOW – SLOW DOWN . . . what does all this mean, and is it important . . .?

If you don’t have any idea what I am talking about – and don’t care – don’t worry.

You are with the 85% of the population and are destined to either ‘overcome’ or ‘take no action’.

Vibrational Frequency Programming

If you have some idea what I am talking about – and want to ‘tune in further’  – read on . . .

You are in the TOP 15% of the population.

A new venture called Be Super Ltd has been set up to support those who seek to improve their life  – and the lives of those that are around them.

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Why bother . . .

Because You’re Worth It!