Wed. Oct 28th, 2020
fitness and vibrating frequencies

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Have vibrating frequency patterns got anything to do with fitness?

Yes they have because fitness is all about vibration, frequency, amplitude, resonance and harmony.

Once you begin to understand how these words and meanings relate to fitness then becoming fit, improving your fitness and maintaining high levels of fitness will become easier for you.

Neurotransmitters, synapses and frequency:

fitness activation

The more you activate the synapses that chemically transfer the vibrating energy frequency between your nerves the better you will tune in to what you desire from a fitness perspective. Your emotions as well as your thoughts and your physical actions / training – all transmit electrical signals that influence your physical and mental performance.

You can learn about fitness frequencies:

fitness frequency

The biggest hurdles to fitness are poor sleep, physical and mental stress, irregular rhythms / patterns of behaviour and poor nutrition. All of these are hurdles because they are sending out the wrong vibrational frequencies.

A new approach to learning about vibrating frequencies and fitness is being pioneered by Be Super Ltd, a Manchester based holistic venture, set up by husband and wife team Marcus and Sharon Pearson.

They use a principle, developed by Marcus aka ‘P Diddly Dacious’,  called Vibrational Frequency Programming (VFP). It essentially uses a sequence of VFP courses to change your lifestyle behaviours for the better.

The following video / playlist explains the courses – please enjoy: