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Course Philosophy

This page is written by Marcus Pearson – aka – P Diddly Dacious and it seeks to explain the philosophy behind all our courses – but especially our most important and first course – VFP#0 – Clear to Create:

Please study our logo as it provides many of the answers (to all questions):

Be Super

Our philosophy and courses are all about the truth:

We will be trying to communicate in a stimulating and pleasurable manner, and one that involves you and all others on the same path.

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This post is also provided in audio format so please find a chilled out zone where you can devote the next 15 minutes to tuning in.

So let us begin . . .

Our courses are based on purity of being:

Be Super seek purity of being.

purity of being

Purity requires the truth to be known and carried out.

What many people don’t realise is that there are 2 levels of truth – the physical truth and the spiritual truth.

Physical Truth:

The physical truth is known when you physically do what you emotionally feel to be correct and it is in harmony with your thoughts and beliefs. However, whilst this may be easy to see – with the more innocent . . .

super honesty

It is more difficult to see or listen to or recognise as we get older;  especially as most people do things or live in a way that is not what they really want – we often hide the truth from ourselves, and then struggle to find it in times of need.

This has become even more apparent during the covid-19 pandemic – so we are facing up to the challenge of supporting those who’s needs are greater.

false identity

These difficult times make us question many aspects of life:

So it is essential for us to find some truth in all of this chaos – but how do we go about this – and do we even know what truth is anymore . . .?

Please listen to this audio podast on The Truth and Purity of Being:

There is a quick test (based on muscle kinesiology) that you can do to establish if you are living or being true to yourself and this is based on the fact that your muscles tell the truth more than your brain – – this is covered in detail in our first course. It is too much of a distraction for this presentation.

Be Super are concerned with positivity –  and this can and should still be pursued – especially during challenging times – we need leaders to come forward and provide support through ACTION . . .

When you are being physically true then you may also experience the Super Flow Zone –

Super Flow Zone

– this is where you perform at your best physically and mentally without thinking about it – you just do it.

We need people who can act in an honest and truthful way during this covid-19 pandemic. We need people who will ‘guide’ us on a better pathway than the one that ‘so called leaders’ would have us believe is the best option –

Spiritual Truth:

If you can experience this flow zone on a regular basis then you may induce your spirit to become part of this unity. This is what has happened to me, and I now allow my spirit to be my guide.

Spiritual truth is a ‘knowing’ that goes beyond your psyche – it is a knowing that goes beyond your conscious and even beyond your sub-conscious. Spiritual truth is achievable for everyone, however, the practical living and application is very challenging within our auto-pilot constrained society.

We are living in a false state of existence:

Individuals are starting to express their thoughts and many are ‘feeling a different perspective’ than the one that is being shown to us and told to us – people are waking up to question many aspects of their life.

This awakening can be taken to a higher level; a level that will provide the answers.

This higher level is spiritual truth; furthermore, rather than spiritual truth being confined to meditation and physical inactivity – (which many spiritual teachers and gurus would have you believe) – it is ESSENTIAL that this ‘spiritual truth’ is expended out into the conscious physical world – so it can be fully experienced – THIS IS THE PURPOSE OF LIFE – THE ULTIMATE PURPOSE OF LIFE IS FOR MULTIPLE BEINGS TO CO-EXIST WITH PHYSICAL AND SPIRITUAL HARMONIC RESONANCE – THE UNIFIED TRUTH!

Within myself, the feeling of love, peace and joy is so strong that I seek to support others find this pathway.

I perceive more positive opportunities that have arisen with covid-19 than I see negative problems. My outlook is considerably different to many  / most people I encounter. The reason for this is simple – most people have not received enlightenment and most people are still struggling to overcome the negative forces from their own ego – and the ego of those that support the hinderance of positive thoughts and beliefs. Negativity is all around us and is drip fed through the TV, radio, search engines, social media platforms and even in social entertainment. But there is an alternative and a way out . . .

It involves becoming the master of your own being – master of your own thoughts and beliefs. It involves having high Emotional Intelligence. It involves unifying all your beings as one ‘true being’


fitness friends

When you do unify your beings and live life more “in the now”, your “power of will” attracts what you desire – and this may happen without you even having to do anything directly to influence it yourself. Things will simply fall into place.

For most people however, their ego not their spirit is the guide. This is then fuelled by their misinformed sub-conscious mind that often hides behind ‘fake positivity or positivity seduced by your ego’ – let me try and explain what I mean . . . 

“You can identify if your negative ego is in control when you think about something positive and pure and start to do it.

I would like you to take part in a practical test right now whilst reading or listening to this.

I would like you think of something positive that you started, but that you didn’t complete successfully or perhaps is still ongoing  – (this may relate to a period of learning, perhaps an opportunity for self improvement; or a diet or a training programme; a project or an event or even a relationship – it might even be an inner feeling of making a fresh positive start) – please think of this now – DO IT NOW BEFORE YOU CONTINUE LISTENING OR READING)  I will give you a moment to think

This maybe a good time to pause the audio, or if you are reading this, perhaps a time to write down what you are thinking – this will be worth the time and effort, so if you can do it – please do it!


LET US CONTINUE – so you started to do something positive and pure – but then you gave up or changed your mind or allowed others (possibly many others) or ‘circumstances’ to limit or hinder your progress – or it may have depressed your emotional connection to the idea, from being light and creative to being subdued and restrictive . You may have continued to do it, but perhaps deep down you feel you are doing it for reasons that are no longer in line with what you desired – if you can recognise this – then you have recognised that your ego is in control”.

If you have not managed to think of anything relating to yourself, then perhaps think of the situation for someone else. It may be a student in education, or a teacher or a manager at work. It may be a health care professional, a support worker, an engineer or even a sportsperson or a health or leisure professional. It may apply to someone retired or in bad health – please apply this thought process to come up with the type of thought I am asking from you – it is important to do this.

Thank you  . . . and so

Allowing your ego to run your life, is common to 85% of the population, furthermore, they don’t even know what is going on let alone recognise it – SO IF YOU HAVE RECOGNISED IT – CONGRATULATIONS, YOU ARE NOW IN THE TOP 15% – THE BIG QUESTION IS are you going to do anything about it?

85% of people don’t do anything – but 15% do . . . . we are trying to support you to stay in the top 15% – in fact we are trying to guide you to get into the top 5% –  read on . . .

The ego thrives off negative energy and it is common to see people becoming stressed or being stressed for weeks or months; and for some it lasts for years and even a lifetime. The ego prevents individuals from seeing and accepting the truth by dominating their conscious with their sub conscious thoughts, memories, dreams and beliefs. During challenging times (such as covid-19), most people are more vulnerable to negative vibrations on a mental and physical nature. This is because the volume and frequency of the negativity, generates electrical impulses in their brain and muscles that resonate with this negativity – people think they might become unwell and then do become unwell.

This can and must be overcome.

Marcus Pearson

Be Super provide a positive solution – it is essential you join us as a FREE MEMBER and find out more.

The truth for couples and groups of people:

This is an interesting consideration, because individuals often inspire or are inspired by others (or can negatively influence others) and this interaction can change their own individual thoughts and beliefs. For the truth to be experienced or known for 2 or more people, then what they do together physically and mentally surprisingly IS NOT ENOUGH! They must also think and believe with the same vibrating frequencies in what they are doing – which means they have to attach the same level of emotion to their action, thoughts and beliefs. If they don’t then their individual perspective will be different – and what they experience will be different, and therefore not the same truth.

85% of the population have negative forces controlling their lives. They mainly associate or have contact with other negative people or forces (such as the media) – and when they do have contact with the other 15% of positive people, especially the top 5% and 1% of people they find it difficult to tune in to them – they may think they are ‘mis-informed’ or find them too relaxed or self assured; they may be perceived as boring or arrogant or self important, or distant – or simply too different to be bothered with; however, if they get to know these ‘higher frequency beings’ they realise they are accommodating, welcoming, warm and caring and  – interested in listening to and supporting others – and more importantly and not influenced by these negative forces.

We all know that people tend to ‘tune in to similar people’ – this is the law of attraction.

The key learning point here is that you can change from a negative person to a positive person by changing who you spend most of your time with or listening to or being like. You don’t have to give up your family or friends, after all they are likely to have been or still are on the same frequency as you. But neither do you have to restrict all your thoughts, actions and time receiving perspective from the same sources. You can seek out more positive alternatives – those that you feel inspire you – those that you feel represent something like you want to be like yourself. You will find, if you start to ‘tune in to them’ that they have much in common with you, much more than you initially imagined. It is from this positive association that you can start to build affirmations and visualisations that you are already are what you seek to be. You don’t have to change your being – you simply have to accept that one or multiple parts of your being are not aligned to your inner true and pure spiritual being.


Fear not – all of this may be overcome:

This difficulty can be overcome quite easily in theory by simply accepting, accommodating and supporting the energy frequency of other POSITIVE people and of yourself. Your sub-conscious mind when run by your ego is a negative force – your sub-conscious mind run by your spirit is a loving positive power – SO find your inner true and happy inner being AND GET ON WITH YOUR NEW LIFE – read on:

unified being

On a more practical basis, this requires courage to accept how you feel; whilst at the same time, having sufficient Emotional Intelligence to support someone else (IDEALLY SOMEONE YOU LOVE OR CARE ABOUT) so you may journey together on a higher frequency rather than a lower frequency.

Emotional Intelligence:

Let us briefly consider Emotional Intelligence a little further . . .

Moving forward requires an understanding of Emotional Intelligence and an understanding of your own emotions and an understanding of other people’s emotions. It also requires an understanding of the various emotional states or zones; because, you have to transcend from a lower frequency to a higher frequency on a linear basis (meaning in a straight line / one step at a time) – you can’t go from a very low frequency to a very high frequency without transcending all the frequencies in between.

Click here for more on higher frequencies – or simply read on . . .

Emotional Intelligence is not just a knowing of the various states or zones; it is also knowing how to to behave mentally and physically to best support yourself and others transcend from the lower frequency to the higher frequency in a ‘tuned in’ manner.

Emotional Intelligence is also linked to a Purpose – and the greater the Emotional Intelligence of an individual the clearer the purpose – so this begs the question – Do you have any purpose?

We will not judge you!

Be Super will not judge you or your purpose or lack of it  – we will support you.

Due to the importance of this starting point – LESSON 1 of our first course – VFP~0 Clear to Create guides you towards finding your own purpose.

Furthermore, to support your tuning in – WE PROVIDE THIS FIRST LESSON FREE OF CHARGE –

so you may experience if you can tune in to our style of guidance and support.

This honesty and clarity of purpose and truth is what Be Super and our courses are all about.


Thank you for listening and reading and thinking – you can try the first lesson for free simply be creating a user account from the section contained in our courses page at the website.

And remember,

don’t just Be Super  – try and enjoy yourself and be Diddly Dacious.

Whenever I use the word being I am referring to any or all of your 4 beings:

  • Your physical / 'being in the now' - conscious being.
  • Your mental / 'being in your thoughts' - subconscious being.
  • Your emotional non thinking self - emotional being.
  • Your inner, pure and true self - superconscious being.

Each one of these beings may relate to the same thing differently.

When they are all tuned in they will all relate to the same thing in the same way (because you will be 'vibrating at your natural frequency'  - you will be in harmonic resonance - congratulations you are a SUPER BEING - lol.

When you tune in to higher states of Emotional Intelligence (EI) and start to act in a more positive way then your physical and mental beings may raise their Level of Consciousness (LC). The more frequently you do this then you will transcend from a lower stage to a higher stage of EI and LC.

Once you are at a higher stage you will not drop down a stage. You will still experience lower states of emotions, however, the difference is, you will always be at the higher stage. It is just like reaching the age of 50 and supporting a child  - you can drop down with experience and empathy whilst still remaining a wiser 5o year old.