Sat. Oct 31st, 2020

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Everything from hereon, (1st November 1100hours 2020) from Be Super Ltd will support individuals and mankind to find ways to re-tune to the unified field; so enabling people rediscover their true spiritual being.

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  • Within this 1st FREE lesson, for those who are already positive, we have a special invitation.

Information about our courses:

VFP#0 – Clear to Create – please MAXIMISE the viewing [bottom right button].

If this video helped ‘tune us in a little’, then please watch ‘an earlier’ video about our other courses and about our SPECIAL OFFER. Some of the course schedules have changed since this was made due to covid-19:

A change to our courses:

Vfp#0 will be launched in October 2020.

VFP#1 will be launched in January 2021.

VFP#2 will be launched in April 2021.

To find out about our course philosophy click here.