Wed. Oct 28th, 2020

Being Positive

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We relate positivity to the truth of vibrational frequencies  Рand it is important you tune in to thinking with this perspective Рotherwise you will not benefit from all that we provide.

Please study our infographic for clarity:

Be Super VFP

Listening to the following short audio feed should be helpful in explaining why the truth is important.


Where should we start with your ongoing positivity?

Let’s start by putting a smile back on your face and on the faces of others and spread some love, peace and joy . . .

Re awaken to positive power
Re awaken to the power of positivity . . .

Re-awaken to the power of positivity – “Be Super” – because you’re worth it!

You can remain positive and become even more positive!

You are an amazing and unique being – A SUPER BEING – you just need to re-awaken to the truth and become the real you – and that’s where we come in – we have set up Be Super to support you in becoming the greatest version of yourself. We bring together insights from some of the most forward thinking people of modern times:

Be Super have insights to support you on your positive pathway and we have super courses to better guide you one step at a time – you will love how these courses will support what you desire.

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Let’s work together – especially if you are a young person – you are the future and you are the NOW.

Registration as a FREE VFP Member has further benefits:

As a Free VFP Member you can access super POSITIVE content (from scientists and from people with practical experience) – and we would like you to contribute to what we provide – please watch our YouTube Video below for details of becoming a Guide or a Super Influencer or a Super User.

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Be Super provide guidance and support and an opportunity for you to interact with positive people. We use affirmations and visualizations as well as personal communication to help you tune in to more positive vibrational frequencies.

We support you on an upward spiral that will raise your level of consciousness and allow the power of positivity to unify your beings.

We want you to be in the top 5% and top 1% of people on the planet.

When you start to spiral upward your emotional intelligence will improve allowing you to better understand yourself and others.

Your level of consciousness will rise and you will start to live more in the now as the true you, rather than with thoughts of the past or future as the egotistical you.

Be Super focus on vibrating energy frequencies.

Once you understand and relate to life / energy as vibrating frequencies then most things in your life will make sense and you will have mastery of what happens in your life and mastery of your emotions.

You will not be as affected by outside influences.

Imagine the benefits this will bring to your life:

  • Control over your mental being:
  • Control over your physical being:
  • Control over your emotional being:
  • Unification of these beings with your spiritual being:

You can listen to a podcast / audio all about us below:


Inspire and Be Inspired:

You also have access to our Be Super Ltd Facebook Group Рit is from here that we seek to inspire you and be inspired by you. From here we also encourage you to give appreciation and gratitude to yourself and to others Рand to communicate with other members who are on a similar pathway / frequency to yourself Рso try tuning in to all these options.

The time has come for you to re-tune and re-awake to the truth -The time has come when you need to “CLEAR TO CREATE” . . .