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Resonance cycle of flow

Flow is concerned with the lack of resistance to the movement of energy (information that is true to you).

Resonance in this context is concerned with the extent flow has correspondence & polarisation with others and the outer world.

Synchronisation refers to one of two distinct but related concepts:

Process synchronization refers to the idea that multiple processes/modalities (vibrational information within light, sound shapes and numbers) ‘tune in’ (give and receive information) at certain points, in order to reach an agreement or commit to a certain sequence of action.

Data synchronization refers to the idea of keeping a copy (like a hologram) of a dataset in coherence with a sequence, to maintain integrity for reproducing at a later time.

Using numerology and pendulum dowsing.

Marcus Pearson combines cosmic numerology and pendulum dowsing as an objective starting point to establish the synchronising patterns that govern your behaviour and wellbeing.

This is the starting point for VFP:

VFP starts by identifying where you are within your 9 year cyclical pathway. It then establishes which of the 9 VFP experiences you should start with, and progress towards, in order to fulfil your destiny.

What is The Resonance Synchronisation of Flow?

Marcus Pearson is currently writing a book about The Resonance Synchronisation of Flow, it is being written to facilitate the practical delivery of workshops for each chapter. It is expected to be complete in the autumn of 2022. It’s purpose is to explain how ‘resonance, synchronisation and flow’ are all interconnected. It seeks to illuminate, through ‘experiential examples’ how a better understanding of this will provide purpose for care, love and focus and ultimately improve your wellbeing to save mankind. All of this is supported by an experiential approach Be Super have developed called VFP – Vibrational Frequency Programming.

“The Resonance Synchronisation of Flow” – an introduction:

The coloured text below, has been used to indicate (to me as well as you), the key topics that will form chapters within my new book and the subsequent supporting workshops:

  • How all physical dimension (inanimate and animate life) is created from an initial core of energy – a hologram of vibrational information’. Furthermore, the principles of polarisation and correspondence facilitate the ability to interprate this vibrational information using different modalities such as light, sound and shape (the information is contained in the numbers of the angles and frequencies). Within a  spectrum (a 12 fold light spectrum associated with the colour band), different vibrational frequencies of information, carry specific ‘actions’ that ‘animate life from physical matter’.
  • The importance of co-regulation, safety and trust before birth and during infancy and childhood.
  • Self-awareness focus – an introduction to ‘Levels of Consciousness’ (Prof David Hawkins) and the power of truth related to states and stages.
  • The 3 centres of ‘physical perspetive’ and how to master interaction with them (brain, heart and gut).
  • A focus on ‘enterotypes’ and their influence on hormones, neorotransmitters, health and fitness.
  • Somatic and cognitive trauma approaches, specifically:
    • SPIM (Somatic Psychological Interactive Model) and the
      • 3 types of stressors
      • 7 stages of stress
      • 5 pillars of resistance
      • 4 aspects of emerging personality (using DISC as an awareness model)
  • Coherence and resonance related to:

Summary of Vibrational Frequency Programming (VFP) and how it best prepares you for zone 8.

In the meantime, the following OUTLINE is provided as a taster of what will unfold with “the sync”:

An outline of The Resonance Synchronisation of Flow:

The Resonance Synchronisation of Flow has ‘7 Main Frequency Zones’ that are linked by a white ‘adjoining matter/ether’ – there also exists an 8th zone?!

The ‘white matter’ is where the coherence and resonance of information occur – it is the meeting point where vibrations of information can tune in, synchronise and change direction. It represents the pathway for the exchange of vibrations (this is almost identical to the ‘white matter of the human brain’ – where axons form ‘information highways’ via electrical signals  – it is also the same principle from which the sun provides energy).

It represents significant turning points in energy fields. There are those who have the potential energy to flow in one direction and those who have the potential to flow in the other. This turning point gives everyone the chance to turn and synchronise.

Time is the difference in a state to a stage?!

If we are leading a lifestyle that is very fast paced, from a physical, mental and emotional point of view, then the speed of our vibrations will be too fast to ‘change direction’ within the white matter. Vibrations need time to enter the white matter and change – otherwise they may not re-sync in time (the information will be lost). Stress and the SNS reduce the effectiveness of white matter; whereas, calm and the PNS improve the amount and effectiveness of white matter. Coherence and resonance can only be achieved through white matter – so it is essential to be aware of that which we don’t always see but that which is crucial for our growth and rejuvination.

Time is the crucial factor. We need time (at least 9 weeks) to change the pattern of our sub-conscious vibrational information. Only when this change has taken place (it often tkes much longer due to external factors imposing distractions and limitations) – will you have a changeover from a ‘temporary state change in vibrational potential difference’ to a permanent stage change in vibrational potential difference’. This will be explained to those who are ready and are experiencing the VFP Wellbeing Experience.

Coherence and resonance take time – click here for more details on these aspects.

Each white zone between each colour is significantly different?!:

The workshop will explain the various factors that have to be in-sync between each of the colours to ensure optimal coherence and resonance. The vibrational receiving frequencies have to be tuned in to the other vibrating frequencies in order to action specific changes – such as a ‘dimensional shift’ – don’t worry if this sounds too deep – when you are ready you will be more tuned in.

Zone “0” –

There is also a ‘zone #0’ (an off white level) – that exists at the embryonic/congenital phase of your physical creation. This is the crucial period that initial re-synchronising takes place.

What is formed physically and what unfolds in life is a manifestation of what thoughts and imagery are projected from the feelings of the creator (you). That is why this grey area within the white zone is crucial. It changes potential energy into life.

At this stage, future aspects of your life as a child, adolescent and adult are already impacted upon. Pre-fetal programming is influenced by ‘vibrational factors’ such as:

  • Your vitamin intake and blood glucose and blood ketone levels (plus any toxins)
  • The stress of the mother and their ratio of PNS:SNS activation
  • The mother and fathers tone, prosodity and touch all help with co-regulatation
  • Other external sounds, light and ‘vibrational energy information’.
  • The actions of yourself and the supporting co-regulation or synchronisation from your parents (after your birth AND pre-birth).

When the congenital vibrational factors are lower in frequency (more towards the red zone), this can cause congenital disorders or anomolies/syndromes/associations/sequences. It may ultimately lead to parents failing to provide a sustainable future for their children and the children of others.

Lower vibrational frequencies also restrict the growth of the white brain matter in the fetus and the infant. White brain matter is increased through fat absorption rather than glucose (hence, the fetus and infants prefer/thrive from more keto adaptation than high blood glucose levels.

Enterotypes or microbiome do not play a part in fetal programming (because infants have a sterile gut), however, from the moment of birth, microbioms start to have an influence on our development (physical, emotional and mental). This is influenced by the type of birth the infant experiences and by the type of ‘vibrations’ (from nutrients and from sound, light and touch) that the infant receives in its support with co-regulation, safety and trust.

This white area represents an area where each vibrating frequency/energy source (each colour) can experience ‘coherence’ (be attracted to a similar vibration) with another frequency/colour. This attraction can only occur in the white zone, when, for example: the red and orange merge in the middle and the red becomes the orange etc. This may happen very quickly (but it normally takes time), and similarly the orange may merge with the yellow. In this manner a vibration that was red may go through all the frequencies to become a purple very quickly and easily. The significance and key learning point at this early interjection – is that such changes or experiences (tuning in) are only momentary. They require persistance (high frequency and duration) to become stable and change from a ‘fleeting state to an an enduring stage’. IE. You may predominantly be vibrating in the yellow zone, and occasionally vibrate below or above this level throughout the day, however, you will not predominantly vibrate at the green level unless you actually vibrate above the yellow frequency 95% of the time, for at least 9 weeks (yes it may take as long as this – or as short as this, depending on your perspective). For this reason we have shown ‘full circles of a single colour’ to highlight that you need be tuned in to a particular frequency for a long time to make it stable (a full cycle may be a day or a year or a lifetime).

Resonance Synchronisation Of Flow

Introduction to using The Resonance Synchronisation of Flow:

The following explanation (via image and text), is not an explanation of how to use The Resonance Synchronisation of Flow

– it is simply an introduction that summarises the image:

Red Level 1 – <20 to 75: At this level negative forces have reduced your vibrations to the verge of ‘dorsal vagal’ freeze/shutdown. You may have to endure/overcome autonomic solutions to trauma, such as paralysis, immobilisation, and near-death. This may ‘attract’ other negative behaviour such as suicide, humiliation, shame, hate and total vengence. In order to raise your frequency you may have to endure the attraction of destruction, blame & guilt – it may make you feel vindictive, condemning, despair and hopeless. You will have very low energy levels, probably not sleep well, not eat or hydrate well, not rejuvinate well, and you will attract more illness and inflammation and disease.
Orange Level 2 – 76 to 150: To rise from the red level into orange, you may have to experience the attraction of uncaring, regret & despondence. Because you vibrate at these frequencies you will attract similar negative vibrations from others and from the environment. The word ‘attractions’ does not mean you want them, it means they are attracted to your vibrational information – there is nothing you can do to prevent it (unless you change your vibration and find the gentle ‘receiving vibration’). It may cause you to feel punitive, anxiety, withdrawn and enslaved. You will have low energy levels, probably not sleep well, not eat or hydrate well, not rejuvinate well, and you will experience illness and inflammation and be prone to disease.
Yellow Level 3 – 151 – 240: This is the cusp of change from negative to positive because your rising vibrations attract moments of inspiration and courage. You will still attract negative forces pulling you down or keeping you where you are (you may confuse them with satisfaction and even happiness – and not want to change). To move out of the negative yellow vibration, in to the positive green vibration, you will need to vibrate with courage to rise and be the true you. This is often the hardest level to escape from. You will have to endure the attraction of cravings and addictions to many pleasurable things and you will be forced with having to deny the truth. You may be agressive and angry about this. You will resist disappointments, be tempted with desires, and perhaps most difficult of all – have to overcome the attractions of jealousy, scorn, indiference, an inflated ego and pride (from within and from others). This is a level where you may feel you have achieved what you wanted in life – and yet still seek purpose and confirmation. You will have erratic energy levels, probably not sleep well every night, not eat or hydrate within a positive cycle, not rejuvinate or grow fully, and you will experience some illness and inflammation and be prone to disease – especially diabetes, high cholesterol, stress and cardio-vascular difficulties.

Green Level 4 – 241 – 350: This is where you find the courage to permit yourself to live as the true you (albeit not all the time). You will consider living an alternative way that is feasible (this doesn’t mean you have to change everything). To avoid a return to the yellow level, you must release your ego and trust in the satisfaction of ‘being in the now’ (stop vibrating in the past or over vibrating the future). You must accept what is, learn forgiveness, acceptence, understanding, and allow yourself to flow, rather than resist new meaning and purpose. You will live in a way that is mutualisitic to those who you have contact with and beyond. In order to transcend from green to blue you will learn to vibrate without a desire for personal gain. The joyfully vibration of mutualistic endeavour must be greater than the vibrational satisfaction of personal benefit from the interaction. Signs of progress will give you more energy (a higher vibration) than many people (but this now needs to be a constant rather than sporadically). You will probably sleep better, you will have started to take more notice of what you eat and drink, and how you look and feel physically – and as a result, you will rejuvinate and grow better. As your vibrating frequency increases, you will have more positive feelings and thoughts and this will manifest as experiencing less illness and inflammation. You will become less prone to disease than most people. As you reach the transition to higher vibrations, you may be a role model for others with the ease you are starting to flow through life.

Blue Level 5 – 351 to 450: To achieve this level and to stay there, you must vibrate in a way that is loving. You will attract and understand the meaning of abstract views and situations, and you will show wisdom in the manner you reveal the truth, and in the way you interact with others and live your life. You will be more gentle and respectful with yourself and others, and allow life to unfold rather than to change the flow of what will be. You will live in a way that is accomodating and in flow. You will become much more creative and may undertake new tasks or complete new challenges and new ways of living and interacting – without any resistance or stress  – and you will be at peace with your performance, regardless of the outcome. You will inspire and support others without seeking personal gain. You will transcend from mutualisitc endeavour to altruistic endeavour. You will have an abundance of physical and mental energy, you will rest and sleep well, and you will only eat and drink in a way that is healthy and promotes wellbeing. As a result you will rejuvinate and grow better. You will experience little illness and inflammation and, if disease occurs, you will be able to overcome it quickly. You will be a source of illumination to many others on a varied range of wellbeing aspects and of aspects that you previously had little knowledge of.

The blue level is where you need to be in order to resolve the hidden problem facing all mankind. Subsequently, this will only be illuminated to those who can handle it.

Indigo Level 6 – 451 to 700: At this level you will have learned to feel complete – without the need for anything or anyone else. You will be compelled to share this high vibration, your greatest challenge will be to illuminate the benefits of this vibration to others who do not understand what you do, how you do it or why you do it.

Your capacity to illuminate the truth and its benefits will set you apart from those who embark on a similar path but for personal gain. Your power of positivity will inspire and illuminate more from the way you conduct your life and interact with others, than how you talk or ‘promote’ things. You will attract those who are ready to understand – “this is the power of resonance”, and you will bypass hinderence from those who indulge in behaviour that is not in synchronisation. You will behave in a way that others perceive as positive, calm, peaceful, and untroubled. You will have an abundance of physical and mental energy, you will rest and sleep well, and you will eat and drink in a way that is healthy and promotes wellbeing. As a result you will rejuvinate and grow better. Others will be inspired by your wellbeing and will seek guidance from you, which you will provide without need for gain, other than altrusitic endeavour.

Violet Level 7 – >700: At this level you will know more than I do, and words fail to grace the power of your vibrating frequencies – please help support our endeovours to raise the vibrational frequency of others for altruistic benefit. You will guide us through zone 8!

Resonance Synchronisation Of Flow

The Resonance Synchronisation of Flow has been created to support you with practical experiences rather than theory. It further breaks down the vibrational frequencies so you may start to be the controller rather than the controlled. You become the conductor of your own life. It will also focus on how those with positive power can transcend to higher levels away from mutualistic endeavour to altrusitic endeavour.

The Resonance Synchronisation of Flow is part of VFP (Vibrational Frequency Programming) – it is part of what we provide within our Wellbeing Experience – an experience where you take control, where you are the conductor –

Conductoe of your own life

The practical application of The Resonance Synchronisation of Flow may be accessed from our workshops or from our Wellbeing Experiences. Full details will not be available until the book and supporting workshops are complete in autumn 2022, so until then – please

Click here for more details on signing up for the VFP Wellbeing Experience.

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Some of the negative effects of Covid-19 include:

  • Struggling to deal with loss and / or feeling isolated or lonely..
  • Joint pain, loss of energy and weakness.
  • Feeling unsafe and not knowing why.
  • Confusion and frustration with not understanding what is going on.
  • A lack of trust with people, situations and places.
  • The lack of stucture and order and not knowing what to do with your time.
  • Brain fog - not being able to concentrate or think clearly.
  • Struggling to have longer conversations and discussions about positive and creative opportunities - and too much negative talk.
  • Couples and families stuggle interacting together due to a lack of personal and joint purpose in life.

The severe isolation measures imposed by governments have been traumatic to the psyche of people; to the extent, many have the fear of getting tests done and or divulging the results to authorities for fear of loss of income or further isolation. Others live every moment on the edge of media releases and feel totally reliant on vaccinations and guidance and rules on how to live.


Society has created a situation where many people have an overdependence on other people for guidance and regulations on how they live. This can be clearly seen with those people who have retired or are suddenly not working and do not know what to do with their time. For many people walking the dog, watching some form of day time TV and cooking, represent the limits of their activity. Their social interaction and discussions are based around such activity or in discussing the limitaions imposed on them and everyone else -

"very few people do something that is both creative and of benefit for themsleves and others; furthermore, they do not discuss the creative process for making this happen - they have lost (or never developed) this self-relience and love of life - they are lost within an 'auto-pilot' existence" -


When individals within a relationship or within a family, educational, work or team environment, lack any purpose in life or don't have any creative ideas to stimulate their emotions or thoughts, then they are more dependent on external forces to influence their behaviour. The majority of outside forces are negative, therfore most of the time people will be negative. Covid-19 is not the cause of this negativity - it highlights the hidden problems faced by most people and society.

This post provides a short practical instruction on how to conduct a quick coherence / QUICK CALMING/POSITIVITY PRACTICE:

The optimal times for doing this practice are:

  • first thing in the morning whilst still in bed (before getting up)
  • First thing when you get to work or school etc.
  • every 90 mins once you are active and the day has begun
  • when you get back in bed to settle for a sleep.

It is perfect when combined with other people (especially smaller groups) just before a meeting/lesson/meal.  It may even be used by a family group or a group of friends or work/school/college friends - perhaps in conjunction with an agreed 'positive statement/affirmation'.

Whilst it helps to reduce stress; with the 'the more advanced breathing progression' it is most beneficial in promoting a feeling of wellbeing and positivity; and in activating your parasympathetic nervous system (your feel good system). Once activated this may lead to positive stimulation that facilitates exceptional mental and physical performance, or, if you are relaxing, it will lower your heart rate, lower your brain frequency and promote better rest and natural sleep patterns. When a calm and positive state is maintained for longer and longer periods (with monitoring and practice) then it leads to 'flow' and extends the 'optimal arousal zone'.

Quick Coherence only takes 1 - 2 minutes (it is best done with your eyes closed):

Welcome - By following this short process you will feel calm, positive and energised. The process will work even better when you smile during the process and continue smiling after it has finished - let us begin - you may keep your eyes open or close them - do whatever helps you focus . . .

  • Focus your attention on your heart just to the left of centre in your chest. If it helps, place the fingers of your right hand over the heart so you can physically feel your heart beat - then relax.
  • As you breathe in, visualise the air going into your heart. As you visualise breathing in, count to between 4 and 7 and with each count visualise your heart expanding your belly. Continue doing this until you find your own natural timing. Once you have established your natural breathing in cycle move to step 3.
  • As you breath out and feel your belly go down, visualise either:
    • a special place that makes you feel good; or
    • visualise what you are doing that makes you feel so good;
    • and /or visualise a person or group of people that makes your love come out.
    • as you become more familiar with this, and as it becomes easier to do - focus on giving appreciation or gratitude to someone and allow your love to come out.
  • More advanced breathing progression - once you have become familiar with all of the above - then as you continue with the heart felt focus - PROLONG the breathing out stage, so it is between 3 and 5 seconds longer than your breathing in stage. Then continue this staggered breathing cycle for between 1 and 3 mins. This will physiologically activate your parasympathetic nervous system and stimulate creative and happy hormones.

Adopt quick coherence as a pattern of positive performance:

The quick coherence practice, including the more advanced breathing progression, may also be used in the build up to a high performance related activity - especially as a precursor for being in the flow zone. This is perfect for activities such as climbing or skill related performance or even high intense muscular activities such as arm wrestling, powerlifting, strongman event and surprisingly combat sports - because the more you can perceive stress as a positive opportunity, the greater you will maximise your optimal flow zone perform to your maximum potential. When stress is perceived as being negative, it increases anxiety, increases muscle tension, reduces reaction times and speed and reduces power. Negative stress leads to a quicker loss of energy and reduces mental clarity and sharpness.

Smile and be positive.

Group / team coherence:

Imagine the benefits to a team if you all acknowledged gratitude for one another prior to starting a more physical warm up or at the end of a warm just before you went out to compete. This would minimise stress and allow you to perform at even higher levels of intensity for much longer.  

When Phil Jackson began coaching the Chicago Bulls - and later the Los Angeles Lakers - he says he used the Zen philosophy of mindfulness to help build both teams.


Coherence practice is used by the NHS in Derbyshire:

Quick coherence may be used to overcome feelings of anxiety, stress and help calm you or someone else down when they are feeling their behaviour is becoming more challenging to others.


More scientific research on this is available at -

Monitoring and measuring coherence can be done using new technology and with the correct insights.

Elimination is the lowest level of consciousness and calibrates <20:

The strategy for getting yourself or someone else out of this stage is provided below:

The VFP strategy for achieving higher/more positive 'natural patterns / cycles of being' is to re-tune your mental and emotional energy fields, so they do the 'right things' on an automatic basis (using your autonomic nervous system), rather than a cognitive basis (having to think and feel if what you are doing is working).

This approach is more significant when dealing with those at the lowest levels of consciousness. Such individuals 

  • You must have natural cycles of imbalance in your life. These should be positive in maximising you as a physical being. Look at every situation as an opportunity!
  • You should maximise the functioning and capabilities of your physical body/mind.
  • You should maximise your individual creativity and find purpose in all that you do.
  • You should be your best and give yourself for the benefit of all.

When you do this you will find love will allowed to flow from you and you will attract it!

You can’t tune into Love when you have negative forces influencing you - 'love is felt through tuning in to the truth'.

Love is not felt when someone is holding you back and not caring for you as best they can.

You cannot hold other people responsible for their imperfections in respect of your relationship. You need to break negative cycles with people - this does not mean you have to stop being with them, or loving or caring for them; but it does mean you must take responsibility yourself for following more positive natural cycles. If you are not capable of allowing love to come out of yourself for your TRUE SPIRITUAL BEING then your imperfect physical being will dominate your life. You must learn to let love come out by turning negative thoughts and emotions into opportunities to help yourself and others.

You must stop feeling sorry for yourself and you must stop using others as an excuse.

You are not an 'imprisoned physical being' - you may feel like one, and may be treated like one - but you have the opportunity to change this.

When your mind thinks with moving pictures rather than thinks with words (self-talk), then the results/benefits are significantly better.

Mental imagery is a more intuitive process than an intellectual one. It allows you to influence and take control of your unconscious and subconscious; whereas self-talk and worded affirmations focus your influence within your conscious mind.

For most people the language of imagery is commonly experienced during REM sleep at night or whilst daydreaming. However, becoming aware of images whilst waking simply requires us to give it more focus than we currently do. Most people self-talk rather than self image!

Scientific research confirms the benefits of imagery for improving health:

Doctors prescribe pharmaceuticals that control the mind through the body; eg. tranquilizers, antidepressants and anaesthetics. In much the same way, we can use the mind to control the body - and imagery is far more effective at doing this than self talk. There are at least two major scientific journals devoted to imagery research; one from Marquette University (The Journal of Mental Imagery) and one from Yale University (Imagination, Cognition and Personality).

Mental imagery may be used as a process for reacting to experiences (negative or positive), however, it is more powerful when used as a way of 'creating new experiences'. After successive repetitions/cycles (21 days being a natural cycle time that changes behaviour) then the physical body attunes with the mind to make the mental imagery reality - THIS IS A PROVEN BENEFIT!

Within the VFP Digital Tuning Chart we have created audio links that explains how to use imagery to help create your own good health (this is an ongoing development).


HRV (Heart Rate Variability):

In terms of 'measuring SPIRITUAL BEING REALISATION' or 'SPIRITUAL COHERENCE' - it may be measured on a physical basis by HRV (Heart Rate Variability). However, what you have to realise is that SPIRITUAL COHERENCE extends beyond your physical being and HRV is therefore limited in its potential to measure the higher levels of consciousness. It would be reasonable to estimate that below the level of 200 HRV is low and not smooth. Peak HRV will start and continue at a level of approx 250. Above this level HRV will peak but it will not indicate your level of consciousness - this can be better estimated using the VFP Digital Tuning Chart.

The similarity between SPIRITUAL COHERENCE and HRV, is that HRV maintains 'high activity, smooth sine wave cycles' regardless of the heart rate or brain wave frequency (excitatory or inhibitory) - and SPIRITUAL COHERENCE maintains 'natural/balanced cycles of smooth waves - that can be excitatory or inhibitory' - so they are very similar to measure!

When SPIRITUAL COHERENCE occurs, on a physical basis, the heart and brain waves become more synchronised / tuned in to one another on an autonomic basis. The important aspect to measure is not whether the heart or brain frequencies are high or low - but that the 'HRV is high and smooth', thus showing a willingness and readiness for either positive/excitatory or negative/inhibitory states. Good coherence indicates a wide range of optimal flow zone frequencies (an ability to perceive stress as a positive challenge, rather than something negative to overcome).

Coherence and a good HRV are indicators of:

  • Positive relationships.
  • Creative initiatives between positive people.
  • Problem solving and group decision making.
  • Bonding and mutual support.

Quick coherence practice is only part of the VFP Tuning Protocol; By following the VFP retuning protocol you will reduce and prevent the negative effects of stress, fatigue and exhaustion, sleep disruption, anxiety and burnout - you will feel calm, positive and energised.

VFP uses the Inner Balance App in conjunction with the Bluetooth sensor from Heart Math to measure HRV. By recording your HRV before any interventions/therapy sessions, during the sessions and after the sessions we can better evaluate the impact of our VFP Protocol.